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Jay Z uses a sample of When The Musics Over with a bit of Jims voice

Does anyone know about how Jay Z sampled "When The Musics Over" with Jims voice in mix. He used it to make a song to get back at some other rapper who pissed him off (or so my friend said)
I just think its wrong that the sample was used. Jay Z tends to use a lot of popular samples which in my opinion makes me think he can't think of anything original himself and I wonder if that sample was used with permission.
Edit 1st: actually I think the song was Five to One.

Yeah now I'm gonna start rambling...
This also reminds me of this one time I heard a kid listening to We are the Champions by Queen only it was remixed by some other rapper and played so fast it sounded like the chipmunks. It wasnt just a sample of the song it was just basically the whole song played superfast.
So I was talking to a few of the people who were listening to it and I told them it was a song by Queen and then one them (some 14 year old girl I think) was trying to argue that Queen probably ripped the song off of these people. When I told her Queen was a band in the 70s, I don't think she had anything to say after that.

EDIT 2nd: Yeah its definately Five to One.
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